Playing 3D Ninja Shaolin

Playing 3D Ninja Shaolin

3D Ninja Shaolin temple in the middle of the fighting in the game is installed, the game will start directly after. Initiated by the master of Shaolin martial arts around the test in order to neutralize many ninja will fight you to come right over you.

You defend yourself and pass the exam on behalf of all of you have learned so far apply techniques of 3D Ninja Shaolin Kung Fu.

Some of the specific game you fight your techniques followed by a master of Shaolin martial sent to the correct floor. Shaolin master of ninjas in the power ball by launching a special strength combined with special powers that can turn into a giant bowling ball or a ball of fire.

It also gives you faster movement speed slow down shoes or boots you can here by using the time to stop in the game can survive for a long time.


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