Playing Forest Buddy

Playing Forest Buddy

Monkey use AD to move,W to jump,S to pick up or put down box,hold A or D and S to throw box.When climbing,WS to move,hold A or D to swing,hold A or D and W to jump. Hedgehod use LEFT and RIGHT to move,UP to jump,hold LEFT or RIGHT and DOWN to rolling attack.When climbing,UP and DOWN to move,hold LEFT or RIGHT to swing,hold LEFT or RIGHT and UP to jump.


A - D = Move / Swing vine

W = Jump / Climb

S = Pick up / Put down box / Climb

S + A D = Throw box

W + A D = Jump while climbing

UP + LEFT - RIGHT = Move / Swing vine (hedgehog)

UP = Jump / Climb (hedgehog)

DOWN + LEFT - RIGHT = Rolling attack (hedgehog)

UP + LEFT - RIGHT = Jump while climbing


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