Playing Elementals The Magic Key

Playing Elementals The Magic Key

It's gonna take more than a flick of your wand to solve this one...

How to Play

Follow the in-game instructions to uncover the truth behind Lily's mysterious disappearance. You'll need all your puzzle-solving skills to get to the bottom of this magical whodunit...


Take a magical mystery tour with Elementals - The Magic Key, a hidden object plunge deep into an enchanted world!


Long ago, mages created the world of Eiron and populated it with Elementals, spirits of water, fire, earth and more. They also built the Tower of Magic where future wizards could learn the art and control these magical beings. On the eve of his birthday, Albert, a young magician, learns that his sister is missing along with The Key of Eiron. This most powerful key binds and balances all of the elements of this world and can be very dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands, especially those of a wicked sorcerer.

Join Albert and his faithful aide Felly on this thrilling adventure to recover the key and save his sister! Solve brain-teasing puzzles and hunt for cleverly hidden items in astonishing locations. Wield the power of the elementals in engaging chess-like board battles. Learn fascinating spells, unlock new play modes and stop the wicked sorcerer from destroying the balance and beauty of Eiron!


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