Playing Britney Spears Make Up

Playing Britney Spears Make Up

Brit's back and lookin' fab!

How to Play

Browse the make-up and accessory icons to create a signature look for this pop princess.


Being the princess of pop's personal make up artist, what a chance for you to show off your skills! Don't wait any longer, seize this once in a lifetime opportunity and start the Britney Spears make up game! A totally new, fabulous look, one that should dazzle her fans and get all the appraisals from those make up critics is what you should think of! A bright, burgundy red lipstick color would surely complement her new hair color: a dark black or maybe a lovely chocolate brown one? Now, what should it be: curls or stylish, straightened tresses? Once decided, dare to use a bold, cool eye shadow hue to highlight her gorgeous eyes, then continue the Britney Spears make up game with the choice of her dashing outfit and maybe some cool, discreet piercings here and there!


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